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The Forest Service has awarded five companies positions on a potential 10-year, $7.2 billion contract for airtanker support services.

GovConWire reported today that the Airtanker Services 2023 multiple-award, indefinite-delivery / indefinite-delivery contract has a 1-year base period and 9 option years. Each awardee has a guaranteed minimum under the contract, according to the award notice published August 11 — the solicitation for this contract was dated February 11, 2023.

According to that solicitation notice, contractors provide all necessary resources to deliver airtanker services, including supplying multi-engine turbine-powered aircraft. The federal government will supply the fuel through the Defense Logistics Agency’s AIR Card program.

“The contractor shall provide a second means of paying for fuel during instances when the DLA card is not accepted,” said the solicitation notice. “The contractor will be reimbursed for fuel purchases made for revenue flights on the contractor’s card.”

The awardees are:

Link to Source Article: https://fireaviation.com/2023/08/14/7-2-billion-contract-award-for-airtanker-services/

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